Getting a tattoo is pretty easy?  Drive to the tattoo shop with some form of payment and you then have lifetime of art.  You barely even need an idea for a tattoo, but after a few minutes you can have a design and be ready for the application.  This decision will last, in some form, forever unless you take measures to remove the tattoo.  There are a variety of means to remove a tattoo but none have been as successful as the laser.

The laser light is applied to the skin and is directed toward the large colored particles of ink under the skin.  Different colors of ink require a certain wavelength of light.  The light causes the ink to break apart into smaller particles.  This is also why all lasers are not effective at removing ink.  Some device can only target certain colors.  No Regerts Laser Tattoo Removal has a Trinity laser that targets all ink colors.

After the laser reduces the ink into smaller particles your bodies immune system then goes to work removing the smaller particles from your skin.  This is the part that takes some time.  The immune system takes about 6 weeks to remove the ink.  After 6 weeks another application of the laser is applied at a higher power.  The average tattoo takes between 5-10 laser applications to fully remove all the ink.  Some tattoos that are not applied with as much ink can be removed in a shorter period of time.

Removing a tattoo takes time but will reverse a lifetime of living with something that is unwanted.  Call No Regerts Laser Tattoo Removal today for a free consultation.  231 598-0705