Tattoos are very popular and freedom turning 18 years old is overwhelming.  These tattoos can come back to haunt you if you eventually want to enlist in the armed forces.  Understanding the military policies will help you in applying a tattoo that fits within their regulations.

Content matters.  Any tattoo that is racist, sexist, indecent or extremist will not be allowed.  The guidelines do not always give examples but if there is any doubt keep it off your body.

Location, location, location.  We are not discussing real-estate but placement of your tattoo.  Areas to not have a tattoo include head, face, neck above the t-shirt line, inside eyelids,mouth or ears, wrists or hands.  Any of these locations will keep you out of the military.

Solution. No Regerts laser tattoo offers removal of those that do not meet restrictions.  But you must remember that laser tattoo removal takes TIME.  It will not be removed in one treatment.  The average tattoo removal takes 5-8 visits.  These visits must be spread apart to allow your body to remove the tattoo ink.  It is science so please read this.  The average time between visits is 6 weeks.  At No Regerts we decrease this to 4 weeks for military recruits. We do offer an “express” package allowing us to do 3 treatments in one visit saving time and hastening the process.  The pricing depends on the size and “express” packages increase the cost due to having 3 treatments at once.  No Regerts also offers a 10% discount for military recruits.  All consultations are free.  Contact us today!