Tattoos have been around for centuries and are one of the most popular forms of self-expression to date. And while most tattoo wearers love their ink, many end up facing regret and wish to have their tattoo removed. So why do people get laser tattoo removal? We’ve listed the top reasons below – do you resonate with any of them?

Just Because

People constantly change their minds and are indecisive about many things. One of the biggest reasons people seek laser tattoo removal is because they outgrow their ink or simply grow tired of their artwork and wish to remove it.

Impaired Judgment/Instant Regret

Whether they impulsively decided to get a tattoo and later realized that not enough thought was put into the permanent artwork their skin now displays or they got a tattoo based on a dare or after having one too many drinks, tattoo regret is one of the most common reasons why people get laser tattoo removal.

Parenthood/Lifestyle Change

Many adults have tattoos that were applied during the young, wild, and free period of their life. After transitioning into parenthood, many parents remove their tattoos to set a better example for their children and also erase a part of their past that doesn’t reflect their current lifestyle.

Career Change

The arm sleeve or inappropriate tattoo you got when you were a teenager may have seemed cool at the time, but is now something that hinders your appearance and self-esteem when job hunting. While more companies are becoming accepting of tattoos today, a good handful of industries find them unsuitable for the workplace.

Location/Problem with Clothing

Getting a “tramp stamp” may have seemed like a good idea at one point, but now it just draws negative attention from others. For some people, getting a large tattoo only to realize that it’s covered up by certain clothing or even unconcealable with certain attire can be a problem.

Poor Artwork/Bad Cover-Up

A large majority of people spend years planning out their artwork only to end up unhappy with the outcome. Some people even get cover-up tattoos to conceal their existing unwanted ink and get poor results for both of their pieces. When you get something permanently etched into your skin, it’s important that it comes out matching what you first had in mind. Laser tattoo removal is a great solution for removing or altering tattoos that were poorly executed.

Former Lover

The things we do for love. While many people think getting their partner’s name tattooed on their skin is a great expression of love and commitment, they often find themselves in a sticky situation when that relationship comes to an end. Laser tattoo removal for an ex-lover’s name is the fairytale ending many people seek after experiencing a break-up or divorce.


Many people with tattoos that are interested in joining the Military often get their tattoos removed due to the US Military’s strict policies on body art.

Suffered Embarrassment

Some people get tattoos that are misspelled or received poorly by their family and peers. As a result, they end up feeling less attractive, embarrassed, and resentful about their tattoo decision.

New Artwork

Another solution for dealing with unwanted ink is getting a cover up tattoo. Laser tattoo removal helps fade existing pieces down to create a cleaner canvas for tattoo artists to work on. Some people who are covered in ink also seek laser tattoo removal to remove old artwork and make space for new ink.

Whatever your motivation for seeking laser tattoo removal, No Regerts is here to help. Our Big Rapids clinic provides understanding and solutions rather than judgment. Our friendly staff, expert laser technicians, and advanced technology can help rewind time and remove unwanted ink that you no longer identify with. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!