A majority of tattoo’s that walk into No Regerts Laser Tattoo Removal were applied at the ripe old age of 18.  Independence, freedom, voting, and ability to choose your tattoo design all occur at 18.  This is an age you are certain that you know what is best for yourself.  Parents be darned.  Then time passes by and you begin to understand that decisions made at 18 may not be best represented in a permanent form.

Laser tattoo removal offers one of the few ways to erase a mistake in your past.  The average tattoo removal will take about 5-10 treatments and each treatment only lasts about a minute.  The aftercare is minimal and most describe it as a sunburn and some itching.  Sunburn and itching to remove a symbol that misrepresents your current taste seems like a good trade-off.

Let No Regerts Laser Tattoo Removal answer all your question.  Heck, most technical questions can be answered on our website.  Call for a free consultation.  We are an appointment by only business with flexible hours.  Call today.  231 598-0705.