Before and After

The tattoo removal process can be timely.  Depending on the amount of ink, age, color, and skin type the fade occurs in an unpredictable manner.  Some individuals have excellent success quickly while other only see a slow fade.  Patience is needed and trusting the process.  Below are excellent examples of laser tattoo removal before and after pictures of tattoos in different phases of removal.

This is three treatments to remove the upper stars

This person has had two treatments with the laser. You can see that most of the dolphin outline has faded while the blue and astrick are more of a patchy appearance.

This picture compares the look of a layered tattoo after 1 treatment. You notice that the black has almost totally disappeared after 1 treatment revealing a variety of colors that the black was covering.

Example of tattoo removal

This is an example of outlining vs shading. After only 2 visits we see a drastic change. Due to the high amount of shading we notice a fade quicker. Outlining is usually slower to respond

This tattoo is at treatment number 6. This individual we utilized a lower setting with decrease increases in laser strength to decrease the discomfort of the treatment. Due to slower increased intensity it will take more treatments.

The top star comparison is 1 treatment further in than the bottom star comparison. This demonstrates the amount of change that can happen depending on the stage of treatment.