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Frequently Asked Questions

Before starting treatment, it’s important to know the answers to your questions. Review our frequently asked questions to see how Laser Tattoo Removal can benefit you!

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal success relies heavily on the power of a laser and the wavelengths used. A tattoo selectively absorbs different wavelengths depending on the ink colors. When a tattoo absorbs a laser’s wavelengths, the ink particles shatter into tiny fragments that your immune system then naturally processes and removes through your lymphatic system. For a more detailed explanation of the laser tattoo removal process, visit our overview page.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients need 5 to 10 treatments for complete removal and 3 to 4 treatments for fading. Various factors are considered to determine the number of treatments your tattoo will need. Tattoos are made up varying layers of ink which is why multiple treatments are necessary for virtually any tattoo. Each laser session produces fading and targets the first layer of ink and works its way down until each layer has been shattered.

How soon will I see results?

Patients will experience some level of fading after each laser session. Our Astanza Trinity laser is designed to shatter more layers of ink with each session. That being said, a thick, dense tattoo with heavy pigmentation may not appear significant fading compared to an older, faded tattoo with light shading.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Most patients compare the laser to getting a tattoo applied. Others say it feels more comparable to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Overall, the laser sensation is tolerable and well worth the results. Luckily, a single laser tattoo removal treatment is much quicker than getting a tattoo applied. Most treatments are finished in as little as 30 seconds to 15 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo.

Why should I get laser tattoo removal instead of tattoo removal creams or injections?

Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective method for getting rid of unwanted ink. Tattoo ink resides deep in the dermis where tattoo creams cannot reach. Tattoo creams are simply ineffective and at most cause bleaching around the skin that gives the illusion of tattoo fading. Complete results simply cannot be achieved with tattoo creams and are a huge waste of money. Injections use harmful acid ingredients to push ink out of the skin. These acid injections typically result in scarring and chemical burns that are unsightly, painful, and damaging to the skin. No Regerts uses noninvasive FDA-approved laser technology and custom protocols according to your skin type and unique tattoo to ensure safe treatment and flawless results, aka no scarring!

Will I experience any side effects?

Patients may experience temporary redness, itchiness, swelling, minor blistering, and scabbing. These side effects are natural reactions to the laser and will heal over the weeks following treatment. Detailed aftercare instructions are provided to help you care for your skin and encourage optimal healing.

Can you fade my tattoo for a cover up?

Yes! No Regerts specializes in laser tattoo removal, meaning we can completely remove a tattoo, selectively remove a part of your tattoo, or fade an existing tattoo in preparation for a cover up piece. Laser tattoo removal is the perfect tool for making room for new artwork. Most cover up pieces are limited in creativity and design because they have to be larger and dark enough to conceal the original tattoo, especially if the existing piece contains a lot of black ink. By fading a tattoo with laser tattoo removal, your artist has a cleaner canvas to work on, more flexibility with their cover up, and a wider variety of colors to incorporate.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

No Regerts provides affordable laser tattoo removal treatments for Big Rapids residents and surrounding cities. We also offer complimentary consultations to every new and existing patient. Treatments are charged individually based on their size. Pricing increases proportionally to the treatment size. Since virtually every tattoo requires multiple treatments, No Regerts offers treatment packages to help you bundle and save. Discounts are also available, so check out our pricing page to see if you qualify.


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For directions to the office, please click on the map. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch via email or phone call. We're always happy to hear from you!


(231) 598-0705

103 S. State St
Big Rapids Mi 49307